Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, my heart and mind were always far from home, exploring exotic lands and dreaming of colorful scenes filled with the riches of nature.
My desire to express and share my inner journey kept me busy then, and I’ve been creating full-time ever since.

My background educationally is in textile design, metalsmithing and enamel—professionally in graphic design, and corporate communications. Most recently, I worked as an illustrator and product designer for Mary Engelbreit. I have loved all of these roles and they continue to influence every eclectic facet of my work.

On the illustration side, my love for the magic of fairy tales wins out. As a child,
I immersed myself in books, and loved the way birds could talk, dogs could dance and stars could wink. Now, instead of reading about these happy characters in stories,
I create them at my drawing board! And using color, pattern, humor, hope, and inspiration, I seek to bring a little magic to your life, as well.

In painting, I create from a sense of delight in our abundantly beautiful world and my gratitude for being alive in it. Strong design, bold stylization, brilliant color and playful, evocative pattern all play a part. Working from natural elements and creatures, my paintings are part real world and part imaginary; all hopefully evoking a lighthearted, joyful energy.

In both areas, I create using several different mediums, but truly find my home in the unrivaled vibrancy and versatility of pure pastel pigment. Pastels invite endless exploration of techniques, subjects and feelings.

Thank you for allowing me to share my work with you…I hope you will be refreshed,
and find joy and inspiration in my exploration of our beautiful, magical world.